Elasticity for Railway Superstructures

The variety and intensity of modern rail traffic means that the availability, comfort and environmental demands on rail systems are growing dynamically. Main problems associated with the railways superstructure are:

  • Transmition of vibrations from the track superstructure to the nearby surroundings. These vibrations can often be felt and heard.
  • The high maintenance cost and wear and tear on the materials, due to insufficient elasticity in the track.

The highly elastic Sylomer and Sylodyn products and systems from Getzner can reduce vibrations.  Additionaly they can lead to substantial reductions in maintenance costs.

The products, developed by Getzner, are ideal for meeting the requirements of all axle loads and speeds. Combined with the specialised services, a comprehensive, complete product, which sets the industry standard around the world is offered.

The success in the isolation of vibrations in the rail industry rests on three pillars:

  • First-class Getzner materials
  • Comprehensive know-how
  • Specialized supplemental services

Lesmac provides Getzner components and solutions for:

Rail pads

Material Series Sylomer Slyodyn SamplesElastic polyurethane pads, installed directly under the foot of the rail. Wide range of rail pads for almost every required stiffness rating, from standard tracks to tram systems.

  • increase the elasticity of the track superstructure
  • improve load distribution
  • more comfortable ride
  • less wear on the track superstructure

Baseplate pads

Used to ensure elasticity on slab track systems, installed between the iron base plate and the concrete slab.

  • reduction of Noise and Vibration in slab track
  • elastic baseplate pads for turnouts available
  • customer made elastic rail fastening design possible

Insert pads for sleeper boot systems

Generally employed in tunnel sections of various types.

  • reduce vibrations
  • provide necessary elasticity in slab tracks
  • Also solutions for turnouts available

Sleeper pads

Installed in high-speed rail lines and in lines with high axle loads, as well as in standard lines. No additional work at installation site required, as they can be installed on the sleepers during their production in the factory.

  • reduce stresses and wear on the ballast under the concrete sleeper
  • improve track stability
  • quick installation, unaffected by weather conditions
  • reduce noise and vibrations

Bearings for mass-spring systems

Used in applications in which there are extremely stringent requirements for protection against vibration and noise.

  • highly efficient isolation of vibrations
  • various construction methods possible (full surface, linear support, point bearings)
  • minimal maintenance expenses

Mass-spring systems for trams

Primarily used in TRAM Systems in city centres.

  • highly efficient isolation of vibrations
  • protection of vibration sensitive building in the vicinity of the TRAM track

Ballast mats

Allow a high level of track elasticity to be achieved. Sylomer and Sylodyn ballast mats are installed for reduction of secondary airborne noise, vibrations. Also they are installed in areas with very low ballast depth.

  • reduction of noise and vibrations in ballasted tracks
  • installed in areas with reduced ballast depth to keep ballast in good condition
  • reduction of maintainance costs
  • weather independent installation possible