Industry: Solutions with elastic materials

Getzner’s brand products Sylomer® and Sylodyn® exhibit strong deflection and dampening properties and also have excellent recovery characteristics. They are particularly durable and long-lasting, featuring a wide variety of different forms and application possibilities.

Working in conjunction with clients, Getzner’s engineers have developed a wide range of specialised industrial solutions for even the most complex sets of requirements. This broad-ranging experience in industrial applications has helped to introduce the use of high-tech elastic materials in almost every branch of industry.

In the download area you will find some application data sheets to get an idea of how economic customised solutions in industry look like.

Lesmac provides industrial solutions for:

Mounting of equipment, machinery and motors:

f.e. heating and AC equipment, weaving machines, motors and generators

Advantages and results:

  • reduces emissions such as noise and structure-borne noise to a minimum
  • help to improve working conditions
  • extending the operational periods between maintenance

Elastically mounted floor constructions

f.e. in yacht construction, buses and rail vehicles, in recording studios or in space modules.

  • reduce structure-borne noise to a minimum
  • mounting can be full-surface, or use discrete or strip bearing, depending on the requirements
  • self-adhering on one side and feature long lifespans
  • available in a variety of dimensions

Floors mounted on Sylomer® are also laterally isolated with regard to the adjoining walls. It is also possible to design completely isolated, “room-within-a-room” solutions.

Sylomer® Polishing pads:

f.e. in optic industry for polishing plastic eyeglass lenses in the final stages of production. They allow for quick, efficient processing of the highly sensitive plastics that are used.

Advantages and results:

  • quick, efficient processing of highly sensitive plastics
  • wide range of different geometriessignificant cost savings due to lower material usage

Material combinations such as drive belts

Sylomer® and Sylodyn® can be combined with other materials to create complete systems. Getzner is able to manufacture f.e. specialized drive belts for the transport of sensitive or fragile goods for mass production applications.

Advantages and results:

  • products are manufactured as formed components without any seams, as they are not glued
  • materials are applied directly to the transport belts
  • very long component lifespans, even under moist or humid conditions

Elastic decoupling of high-use, dynamic metal components

f.e. in automotive industry (elastic decoupling of driver’s cabins)

Advantages and results:

  • significant reduction of structure-borne noise
  • more comfort
  • reducing wear and tear
  • longer lifespans